So, um welcome!  Here is my fibery type blog.  I figured I’m sooooo careful to update my projects on Ravelry, that hey, a blog would be great!  


Really, this is a spot to keep the patterns I’ve started designing.  You may want to take a look at the one I have up- Not A Sandy Bottom.  I’m getting anxious, and want to put it on Rav, so I said screw it- I’m publishing it even though the testers haven’t sent me their feedback yet.  I figure people can tell me what a douche I am and how I screwed it up once it’s published.  But seriously?  It’s a freakin’ market bag.  How hard can they be?  

So I’ll probably talk about alpacas next, then maybe some spinning….  and go from there.  I’m not promising updates every day or even every week.