ZOMG- Yarn Karma!

March 27, 2009

So it seems I am swimming in pretty yarns this week…

A while back I found a German lady who dyes BEYOOOOTIFUL sock yarn.  So I posted it in LSG and we ended up with a co-op order of probably 100 skeins of yarn and lose to 1000 Euros.  The lovely Maggie, aka LittleGreyCat, put it all together and shipped them out a couple days ago.  Best of all, my bestest friend added three more skeins for me!!  And here’s what arrived.


dsc02487Top, from left to right is Green Elves, Dragon Fire, Bogey and Minotaur

Bottom, left to right, Pegasus, Army of Orcs and Magic Rose.  

Along witht hat box was another one, which was a total mystery to me.  It was from Eat.Sleep.Knit.  I KNEW I hadn’t ordered anything from them, so I opened it up and it was FULL of Malabrigo!!  

dsc02480That is One skein of worsted in Purple Mystery (top), two skeins of chunky on Verde, two skeins of fingering silky merino in Black and a skein of sock in African Violet!!  It was from a fellow LSGer who decided I won the yarn lottery and sent it as an RAK.  This is after I got this package yesterday…




dsc02436It had TWO MORE skeins of Malabrigo, an awesome checklist, so I know if I have scurvy, a mix CD, and two little Moleskine notebooks, so I always have something to write on.  Jeeebus!

My husband said no more yarn for a while.  Yeah, I’m down with that.  While I’m at it, I may destash some of my other stuff into some awesome RAK packages.  I’m working on little project bags, so I’ll be sending those out before too long with some Hawaiian goodies and some pretty yarns.  🙂  I feel so loved!


3 Responses to “ZOMG- Yarn Karma!”

  1. extragalactika said

    FFFFFFFFF that is an awesome scurvy green, you should bring it to knit night so I can wibble and bemoan over it.

  2. Mokihana said

    Oh wow… fabulous yarn… you really were blessed! Can’t wait to see what all you knit with everything. Now I’m gonna go eat an orange so I don’t get scurvy!

  3. Jen said

    Ooh, ooh, ooh. pretty yarn is pretty!

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