Project Bags

March 28, 2009

So after the RAKs of the last week, I decided to put together a few project bags to fill with stuff and send out.  These just need the drawstring and they’re done!




It took a lot less time than I thought.  I was able to get 6 out of two yards of fabric.  Well, I would have gotten 8 if the batik fabric hadn’t been cut crooked.  So I may get one big one from the left over.  The outside is a yellow/green batik I had left over from my quilting days, and the inside is a cotton I hand-dyed a few years ago for an ill-fated fabric sculpture.  I think four of these will go out to lucky tweasels, one will stay with me (the one with the pen marks-grrrrr- children!) and one will go to someone special, who can probably figure out who they are.  😉  

I think I’ll go get some more fabric next week and start on some more.  I have two aloha prints I think would be really nice, and two whole bins of fabric I don’t know what to do with.  I just need to get lining fabric and stuff for the drawstrings.  And then I’ll see if I can sell them on Etsy.  It’s like free money, and I have plenty of time!


4 Responses to “Project Bags”

  1. Kim said

    These bags are cute! Did you interface them?

  2. anuheaikauatuahine said

    Love the bags… I adore batik so these really appeal to me. Nice job!!

  3. Devon said

    Beautiful bags! My friend sent me the link for the ‘not a sandy bottom bag’. I just printed it out and will make it this weekend if all goes according to plan!

    Love your blog, will be back!

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